photron fastcam MH6


  • 1920 x 1080 resolution up to 1,000fps
  • Up to (6) ultra-small camera heads with single processor
  • ISO Sensitivity 5,000 Color/12,500 Mono
  • Camera Heads: 160G, 10msec, 6 axes, 1,000 times/ Processor: 100G, 10sec, 6 axes, 1,000 times
  • Processor rated for operation to 100g’s
  • Built-in Accelerometer provides integrated trigger backup


The FASTCAM Multi is a unique high-speed camera system supporting one or two camera heads providing 1.3Mpixel resolution at 4,800fps – a mix of monochrome and color camera head types may be used. Coupling of the camera heads to the system processor is via innovative 10m hybrid fiber optic cables that are less susceptible to electrical noise and high magnetic fields. Special bulkhead connectors permit mounting of the camera or processor within an enclosed space. Up to 5 cables may be linked to extend the operating distance to a total of 50 meters.

The compact and lightweight heads are sealed for operation in locations where high levels of dust or particle contaminants may be present, and the implementation of Micro Four Thirds (MFT) lens technology supports remote lens control via Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software of not only aperture and focus but also zoom.

Precise synchronization of images acquired by the two camera heads is managed by the FASTCAM Multi processor, including incorporation of two channels of analog data acquisition for sampling of external data from a range of sensors such as accelerometers, strain gauges, voltage probes, etc. The processor design also ensures that images are held securely in the event that either one of the camera heads is destroyed or a cable is cut during recording.

As an option, the processor may be fitted with an interface for the FASTDrive removable SSD drive. With a capacity of 2TB storage for each camera head it is possible to capture 20 minutes of uncompressed data with 1-megapixel resolution at 1,000fps. The FASTCAM Multi may also be configured to automatically download images from internal memory to this SSD drive via the remote keypad for PC-less operation.

The proprietary CMOS sensor technology utilized in the FASTCAM Multi delivers high light sensitivity (ISO 10,000 mono, ISO 5,000 color excl. IR response), and thanks to the small (10μm) pixel pitch of the FASTCAM Multi’s 12-bit sensor, the camera is capable of utilizing 1″ C-mount lenses without vignetting.

PC-less operation via the optional remote keypad and HDMI or HDSDI video output round out a distinctive set of features that make the FASTCAM Multi well-suited for many different applications including microscopy, detonation and explosives testing, off board automotive safety testing and more.

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