fastec ts5-L


  • 2560 x 2048 at up to 253 fps
  • 4GB, 8GB
  • 3µsec to 41.654ms exposure time
  • ISO 1600-12,800 (mono)
  • ISO 800-6400 (color)


Performance to fit – With four models from SVGA (800×600) to QSXGA (2560×2048), there is a TS5 that is right for your needs. All models use an advanced 5-Megapixel sensor that produces remarkably clean images at all resolutions. Binning and subsampling features of the sensor give it great flexibility and sensitivity.

FasFire Mode: Ultra-fast save times to the onboard media while simultaneously recording high-speed bursts of hundreds or even thousands of images at a time, the TS5 is always ready for the next high-speed snapshot!

Portability – With its small form factor, battery operation, large built-in LCD touch screen and intuitive on-screen menu system, the TS5 puts the power of both a traditional high-speed camera and long-record system into the palm of your hand. The TS5 is truly a point-and-shoot high-speed camera solution.

Flexible Control – The TS5 can be operated as a self-contained, handheld camera, or controlled over Gigabit Ethernet via Fastec FasMotion software on your PC or Mac or via the built-in web interface with your favorite web browser on your PC, Mac, tablet, or even your smartphone.

High-Performance Image Transfer – The FasMotion application makes workflow a breeze with transfers of uncompressed images via Gigabit Ethernet at rates of 50–80MB/sec to moderately equipped PCs.

Multiple Storage Options – The TS5 features both a USB port and an SD port for quick and easy image downloads to USB flash drives, SD cards, or portable hard drives. The built-in SSD provides up to 1 terabyte (TB) of lightning-fast non-volatile internal storage.

Long Record Option – Stream video to a built-in SSD at over 200 frames per second at HD 1080p resolution and 520 fps at HD 720p resolution. Unlike traditional high-speed camera systems that record for a only few seconds and require careful triggering, the Fastec TS5 with LR option can record at high speed for many minutes, or hours at reduced resolutions.

FasCorder Mode: The TS5 allows you to acquire multiple high-speed “takes” of varied lengths, from a few seconds to many minutes, without having to fuss with any settings. Just click to record, click again to pause…as often and as quickly as the situation demands.

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