Motion Engineering Company (MEC), founded by Ronald Jones, has been in the high speed imaging industry since 1986. Ron started out by purchasing Eastman Kodak Company’s high speed video systems in order to provide a service to customers on a consulting basis. To this day, MEC continues to offer knowledge and experience to all customers, regardless of which camera manufacturer’s equipment they own.

Due to their success in the industry, MEC is the exclusive Midwest Distributor for Photron and Fastec Imaging’s high speed cameras. MEC’s success is due to its ability to provide optimal performance turnkey solutions and simply by providing great customer service!


Calculating your Return on Investment for any purchase is always a challenge. It isn’t always the most expensive camera that offers the best performance, and it isn’t always the cheapest camera that offers the lowest cost of ownership.

Today’s competitive pressures demand that we continue to advance with technology, and we need more sophisticated tools in order to do so. These tools must be user-friendly and affordable for a wide variety of users. MEC works together with various high speed camera manufacturers to meet the needs of their customers by providing high quality high speed products.

The study of high speed motion has become something that companies need in order to stay competitive within their industry. As technology has advanced, so have the needs of its users. MEC works as a partner with your company to provide a platform for your success with high speed imaging and motion analysis systems. These high speed imaging systems provide a powerful tool for capturing and studying a plethora of high-speed events.


Our attention to customer satisfaction, from the initial discussions about your applications to the delivery and training on your high speed camera system, guarantees that MEC will excel over and above any competitor. MEC is unique in that we can offer complete Turnkey Solutions to meet your specific needs. Ask us for a Reference. We look forward to providing you with a tool for success today and into the next century.

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