Motion Engineering is Pleased to Offer ORME Motion Analysis Software

Motion Engineering Company (MEC), a full-service distributor of high-speed imaging technology and Photron camera solutions, is announcing its partnership with ORME, a motion analysis software company based in Toulouse, France. Motion Engineering offers the TrackImage and TrackReport products as ORME’s distribution partner in the Midwestern United States.

TrackImage allows users to track points of interest in video sequences to calculate velocity, acceleration, angles, deformation, and other typical measurement data. With industry-specialized options like Airbag deployment, 2D and 3D tracking and Virtual Objects, TrackImage can be customized for application-specific requirements. TrackReport compiles the data collected by TrackImage to generate comprehensive, detailed reports that are presentation-ready.

“This new relationship continues to advance MEC’s goal of providing the complete solution for high-speed technology,” said John Huhn, general manager of Motion Engineering. “We’re looking forward to offering this software to customers for an exceptional, full-service experience.”

These high-speed motion analysis software solutions are modular, allowing businesses to invest in what they need, as they need it. They can be used with the many camera systems that are offered by Motion Engineering, and each can be licensed for a single PC or on a network for company use. To learn more about how this high-speed imaging software can advance your business, reach out to the Motion Engineering team.

About Motion Engineering Company

Motion Engineering Company has been delivering high-speed technology and solutions since 1986 with a focus on education and a commitment to excellent customer service. No matter your specific requirements, Motion Engineering Company is poised to be your supplier for all your imaging needs.

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