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TS4 Dual-Mode Camera

Fastec TS4Fastec Imaging’s new handheld TS4 camera, with dual operating modes, provides flexible high-speed video recording with unique capabilities. In “Standard Record (SR)” mode, the TS4 functions as a traditional high-speed camera, recording seconds of action to an internal frame buffer at very high frame rates. In “Long Record (LR)” mode, the TS4 is a complete long-record system capable of recording continuously to Solid State Drives (SSDs) at slightly lower frame rates, for several minutes to a few hours.

The TS4 eliminates the need for external PC setup and bulky storage systems by combining a handheld form factor and a touchscreen display with a high-speed image sensor and a built-in mSATA SSD. Operating on battery power for up to four hours, the TS4 is a completely portable, self-contained high-speed camera system. “Finally, a high speed camera that can be used as simply as any other camera we use in our everyday lives.” proclaims Matt Kearney, VP of Sales for Fastec Imaging. “Our goal at Fastec has always been to simplify the traditionally complicated workflow of high-speed imaging. With the TS4, we have done exactly that. If you can operate a DSLR camera or a camcorder, you can operate the TS4.”