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New! Photron FASTCAM Mini UX100

Photron MiniPhotron is proud to announce the first in a new family of digital imaging solutions; the FASTCAM Mini UX100 high speed camera. Utilizing a digital CMOS sensor providing full 1,280 (H) by 1,024 (V) pixel resolution to 4,000 frames per second (fps) and reduced resolution operation all the way to 800,000 fps, with 1280(H) by 720 (V), equivalent for 720 HD video resolution, up to 6,400 fps. This makes the Mini UX100 a small and light weight camera ideally suited for applications as varied as life sciences, off board automotive testing or ballistic testing.

A global shutter provides blur free imagery with a minimum shutter speed of 1µs (dependent on the frame rate selected) with the 12-bit pixel depth (36-bit for the color version) from the CMOS pixels 10µm square pixel utilizing micro-lenses to maximize the light sensitivity.

Measuring in at 120mm wide by 120mm high and only 90mm deep, The Mini UX100 is self-contained so only requires power and Gig-E connection to your laptop. The Mini UX100 is supplied with both the Nikon F-mount (G-type lens compatible) and C-mount, operated from 0°C to 40°C and weighs in at only 1.5 Kg excluding lens or accessories.