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New Photron FASTCAM Nova

Versatile High Performance High-Speed Camera System

San Diego, CA – August 15, 2018 – Photron USA, Inc. of San Diego has launched a new versatile, high performance high-speed camera system. The FASTCAM NOVA brings together unique CMOS image sensor technologies and extensive high-speed digital imaging expertise that provide the camera with the flexibility to be used in a wide variety of applications. Available in three different models, the NOVA offers 12-bit image recording rates up to 12,800 frames per second (fps) at megapixel image resolution, and shutter speeds less than 300 nanoseconds.  Recording rates to 1,000,000fps are available at reduced image resolutions.  All of these things are available from a camera that is rugged, compact, lightweight and provides the best light sensitivity in its class.

Standard features of the NOVA include an internal mechanical shutter to allow remote system calibration, a high-performance Gigabit Ethernet interface for camera control and high-speed image download, memory segmentation that allows recording into one memory partition while downloading from another, and compatibility with a number of industry standard lens formats to allow the use of Nikon G-Type, C-mount and Canon EF lenses.

The NOVA also features a “sealed body” design that prevents dust and corrosive particulates from contaminating and damaging sensitive environments.  An optional FAST Drive SSD can be used for the download of images at up to 1GB per second.

Intuitive and feature rich Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) software is included with each NOVA camera.  Also included is a Photron Device Control SDK that allows integration of the camera with user-specific software, and libraries for controlling the camera within a MATLAB® or LabView environment.

About Photron

Photron manufactures a comprehensive family of high-speed digital camera systems. The cameras are used by customers worldwide, providing reliability and high performance in the most challenging research and testing applications.  Included within the product family are cameras that provide megapixel image resolution recording at up to 21,000 frames per second, 4-megapixel (2K x 2K) cameras with the ability to produce high-definition 1080 HD resolution video, and highly ruggedized systems with miniature camera heads for use in extreme environments where high shock and high vibration are common. In addition to providing innovative high-speed camera systems, Photron also endeavors to offer the highest quality support to its customers through trained and experienced technical staff.

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New! Photron FASTCAM Mini WX

Mini WX100The Photron FASTCAM Mini WX high speed camera provides powerful, high definition (HD) imaging performance in a compact, lightweight and rugged camera design. With 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution to over 1,000 fps, 1080 HD resolution to 2,000 fps, and frame rates up to 80,000 fps at reduced resolution, the FASTCAM Mini WX delivers both high speed and high resolution for demanding applications.

Contained within a 120mm x 120mm x 99mm camera body weighing just 1.6kg, the FASTCAM Mini WX is uniquely suited for use in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. The camera is designed for operation in high shock and vibration environments, allowing it to be utilized in High-G automotive safety and military testing.

The FASTCAM Mini WX provides high light sensitivity, 12-bit ADC, outstanding image quality and color fidelity, and is available with memory options up to 16GB for extended recording times and triggering flexibility.

The FASTCAM Mini WX is available on two models that differ only in frame rate performance. The Mini WX100 is the faster camera, providing 1080 fps at full resolution. The lower priced Mini WX50 allows 750 fps at full resolution.

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New! Photron FASTCAM Multi

fastcam_multiPhotron is pleased to announce a unique high speed, high resolution remote camera head, high speed camera system; the FASTCAM Multi. Providing mega pixel resolution (1,280 wide by 1,024 pixels tall) to 4,800 frames per second (fps), the FASTCAM Multi utilizes one or two compact camera heads that can be remotely connected to the central processor.

With a 1µs global shutter option and light sensitivity precisely tested to the ISO 12232 Ssat method of 10,000 for the 12-bit monochrome version, and 5,000 for the color, the FASTCAM Multi’s small camera head (60mm W x 70mm H x 151mm D and weighing less than 1Kg) is ideally suited for use in areas where larger standalone camera systems cannot fit or cannot be risked due to the threat of damage to the saved image storage, with the Multi the camera processor can be safely located out of harm’s way and retains data even if a camera cable is damaged during your test. Furthermore, the FASTCAM Multi has its electronics sealed against dust or debris often encountered in explosive or other extreme tests. As with all Photron cameras, we are so confident of the FASTCAM Multi’s reliability we provide a standard product warranty for a full two years after delivery.

The FASTCAM Multi is available with three memory options:
8GB – providing just over one second record duration at 1,280 x 720 HD resolution at 6K fps.
16GB – enables full 1,280 by 1,024 pixel resolution at 4,800 fps for 0.9 seconds.
32GB – can record full resolution at 2,000 fps for 8.7 seconds.

The FASTCAM Multi is supplied with both C-mount and Nikon F (G-mount compatible) mounts and a of Micro Four Thirds mount with built-in LED laser pointer option, and is fully compatible with our award winning Photron FASTCAM Viewer (PFV) camera control/image editing software, including wrappers for both MATLAB and LabVIEW.

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The introduction of Photron’s new FASTCAM SA-Z ultra-high speed camera system redefines standards for high speed digital camera performance. FASTCAM SA-Z is the world’s fastest 1 megapixel high speed camera providing a recording rate of 20,000 frames per second (fps) at full image resolution and frame rates of over 2 million frames per second at reduced resolution.

Photron FASTCAM SA-Z offers scientists, researchers and engineers the ability to capture high resolution digital images at ultra-high speeds in order to see and understand previously invisible processes and events. Utilizing Photron’s proprietary CMOS image sensor technology, FASTCAM SA-Z combines high recording rates with outstanding light sensitivity and excellent high image quality to provide the most versatile ultra-high speed digital camera available.

An innovative camera body design exploiting heat-pipe technology provides a thermally stable and reliable imaging system suitable for use in the most challenging environments. Available in 12-bit monochrome or 36-bit color versions with recording memory options from 8GB to 64GB FASTCAM SA-Z offers versatility of use in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Standard operational features of the FASTCAM SA-Z include a mechanical shutter to allow remote system calibration, dual channel Gigabit Ethernet interface for fast image download, internal SD memory card drives allowing image download and storage to low cost removable recording media, memory segmentation to allow recording in one memory partition while at the same time downloading a previous recording and the ability to remotely switch off cooling fans to eliminate vibration when recording at high magnifications.

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New! Photron FASTCAM Mini UX100

Photron MiniPhotron is proud to announce the first in a new family of digital imaging solutions; the FASTCAM Mini UX100 high speed camera. Utilizing a digital CMOS sensor providing full 1,280 (H) by 1,024 (V) pixel resolution to 4,000 frames per second (fps) and reduced resolution operation all the way to 800,000 fps, with 1280(H) by 720 (V), equivalent for 720 HD video resolution, up to 6,400 fps. This makes the Mini UX100 a small and light weight camera ideally suited for applications as varied as life sciences, off board automotive testing or ballistic testing.

A global shutter provides blur free imagery with a minimum shutter speed of 1µs (dependent on the frame rate selected) with the 12-bit pixel depth (36-bit for the color version) from the CMOS pixels 10µm square pixel utilizing micro-lenses to maximize the light sensitivity.

Measuring in at 120mm wide by 120mm high and only 90mm deep, The Mini UX100 is self-contained so only requires power and Gig-E connection to your laptop. The Mini UX100 is supplied with both the Nikon F-mount (G-type lens compatible) and C-mount, operated from 0°C to 40°C and weighs in at only 1.5 Kg excluding lens or accessories.