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History of Motion Engineering

Prior to forming Motion Engineering Consultants (MEC) in December of 1986, Ron Jones sold high-speed video systems for Eastman Kodak’s Motion Analysis Services Division (MASD). After purchasing one of the high-speed Kodak systems himself, Ron began to provide an on-site consulting service to clients not yet in the market, or having the budget, to make a purchase. As the prices began to come down, MEC transitioned into more of a sales organization, as well as continuing to provide the on-site consulting services. In an effort to provide additional services to a growing customer base, Ron purchased several additional cameras to use for rentals. This became a great opportunity to provide customers hands-on use when challenged with a limited budget, or having a one-time need. The rental program has proven to be a great sales tool and has provided a respectable revenue stream.

MEC’s operating philosophy is based on always respecting the relationships they have with their customers and vendors. Doing what is best for the customer will always pay dividends of loyalty in the long run. By respecting their vendors, they are able to leverage their relationships in a positive way to gain greater access to technical knowledge and support, as well as to obtain competitive pricing.

MEC has been successful in developing high name recognition in the Midwest. Without question, they stand firmly behind what they have sold and will do whatever it takes to resolve any technical or support concerns.

In 1998, MEC incorporated and changed its name to Motion Engineering Company, Inc.
In 2001, MEC became a distributor for Photron USA’s High Speed Camera line.
In 2004, MEC became a distributor for Fastec Imaging High Speed Camera line.
In 2012, MEC became a distributor for AOS Technologies Promon Process Monitoring Systems.
In 2013, MEC became a distributor for Monitoring Technology’s 20/20Cam.

If you are interested in high speed imaging, call 1-800-447-7291 for more information.